About Me

I’m a geek. I have at least 3 t-shirts with Pi on it, and another 2 with the periodic table of elements. I watch sci-fi. I've super-glued my glasses and worn them for another 6 months.

But most importantly, I really enjoy what I do, and that’s writing code. And occasionally bowling.

Hire me!

I took a bit of time off after 3 years with my last job, and I'm beginning to look for new adventures.

If you want to save me some legwork, feel free to tell me about any openings you have or know of. Sorry for ending that sentence with a preposition.

Here are a few things I'm looking for in my future job:

  • Work from home. I like where I live, with my pets and near my family. Not interested in relocating.
  • I want to work with smart people.
  • Relaxed atmosphere. Not lazy, just avoiding unnecessary stress and tedium.
  • If this page hasn't given it away, I'm a back-end WordPress developer, and I love to dabble in devops


If something I've released has helped you out, consider funding a late-night coding session